The reconfiguration of the traditional household layout

Earlier this year I made a rather large purchase. I went to the bank, applied for a mortgage, jumped through some hoops, and bought a building that resembled a house. Now, as a millennial the decision to even bother spending money on the house was difficult enough. Not because of affordability, of course that's something … Continue reading The reconfiguration of the traditional household layout

Break the bottle habit

Have you ever considered what side of history you want to be on? When people read books about our current era, they're going to read about mass ignorance on our part. One of the biggest issues our descendants are going to have with this era is how little we care about minimizing waste. If you've … Continue reading Break the bottle habit

Don’t hate because I percolate

Fantastic, now that the introduction is out of the way I can share some of these normal thoughts burning through my mind. Down to business, please, envision yourself sitting on a balcony, ocean side on a luxury cruise ship. Perhaps you're eating some grapes and listening to 90's R&B hits as the warm Caribbean breeze … Continue reading Don’t hate because I percolate