Something sinister about memes

Everyone loves a dank meme here and there, they're essentially the internet's short form illustrative contribution to literature. We've all passive aggressively responded to public opinion with our thoughts simplified to that of a clever meme. The trouble with memes is that they are often regurgitated, unoriginal content. Passing around a recycled meme of doge … Continue reading Something sinister about memes

Gift card greedy

Tired of receiving crap that you don't need from loved ones who refuse to accept your minimalist lifestyle? You're not alone! Sure, once in a while a new pair of slacks or perhaps a Fit bit may do you some good, but between your birthday and every single holiday that warrants a gift from people, … Continue reading Gift card greedy

Comforting uncertainty

Living in an age with unlimited information literally at your fingertips, it's difficult to listen to someone give you a half-hearted response to any sort of thought-provoking questions you may have. Whether you're making an inquiry into politics, culture, religion, stereo typing, or any topic that would instigate an argument of some kind, it's likely … Continue reading Comforting uncertainty

The illusive original thought

Have you ever tried to pass something you heard as a thought of your own? Of course you have, we've all done it. Perhaps you retold a joke, quote, or story and simply chose not to mention you heard it elsewhere. Maybe you like to embellish stories you hear by giving the listener your own … Continue reading The illusive original thought

Don’t hate because I percolate

Fantastic, now that the introduction is out of the way I can share some of these normal thoughts burning through my mind. Down to business, please, envision yourself sitting on a balcony, ocean side on a luxury cruise ship. Perhaps you're eating some grapes and listening to 90's R&B hits as the warm Caribbean breeze … Continue reading Don’t hate because I percolate

Normal Introduction

Hello and welcome, my name is Kyle and i'll be your guide on this quest for perspective. I'm a highly inexperienced writer with very little formal education. I've also lived in one county my entire life and I have an extremely limited skill set. It makes perfect sense, in hindsight, that I would be the … Continue reading Normal Introduction