Time travel vacations

Jason Silva, the host of brain games and futurist philosopher, has a great quote about his definition of awe. He describes it as " something of such perceptual vastness, you literally have to reconfigure your mental models of the world to assimilate it". This may be obvious, for example, when you bestow your eyes on … Continue reading Time travel vacations

Microbial mind control

Let's be honest, when you're hangry it's not a particularly delightful experience to run into you. The main culprits for your hunger induced irrational behaviorĀ are the massively diverse flora in your gut. What this means, in case you didn't know, you actually have a rather large ecosystem of microorganisms inside of you thriving on what … Continue reading Microbial mind control

The reconfiguration of the traditional household layout

Earlier this year I made a rather large purchase. I went to the bank, applied for a mortgage, jumped through some hoops, and bought a building that resembled a house. Now, as a millennial the decision to even bother spending money on the house was difficult enough. Not because of affordability, of course that's something … Continue reading The reconfiguration of the traditional household layout

Articulation: the power of imagery

Mastering the structure of our languages is something that you'd think people would be heavily interested in pursuing. The supreme influence that comes with wielding an arsenal of vocabulary implements. Thought and imagination can be beamed from one persons mind to another like spells from the fingertips of wizards and yet, some sit still in … Continue reading Articulation: the power of imagery

A closed mind is a caged existence

Having been born with no food allergies that I know of, I consider myself to be exceptionally lucky. I am without limits to which known consumables I can eat. However, access to endless combinations of literally thousands of food items organized by isle comes with its disadvantages. To be privileged enough to have access to … Continue reading A closed mind is a caged existence

3 Stoic mantras to help your relationships

With all the volatility we come across in life, some of the more difficult trials to endure are the ones involving our relationships with people. Trying to control conversations with the few that we want to facilitate good relationships with can be like taming a lion. One must pay close and constant attention to the … Continue reading 3 Stoic mantras to help your relationships

Fun begets fun

Back when we looked at life through a bleak lens, it was easy for us to tell anyone with joy in their eyes that they're not looking at the bigger picture. Easy targets were all over the place, from a butterfly to a joyful song, nothing knew reality like we did. It's so much easier … Continue reading Fun begets fun

The man in the middle of the room

Sitting on the stairs to put my socks on, I heard something on TV that for some reason has stuck with me for years. It was sometime in 2009 and I had so much going on that managing my time was absolutely necessary. This was the year I was graduating high school and, naturally, that … Continue reading The man in the middle of the room

Break the bottle habit

Have you ever considered what side of history you want to be on? When people read books about our current era, they're going to read about mass ignorance on our part. One of the biggest issues our descendants are going to have with this era is how little we care about minimizing waste. If you've … Continue reading Break the bottle habit

Something sinister about memes

Everyone loves a dank meme here and there, they're essentially the internet's short form illustrative contribution to literature. We've all passive aggressively responded to public opinion with our thoughts simplified to that of a clever meme. The trouble with memes is that they are often regurgitated, unoriginal content. Passing around a recycled meme of doge … Continue reading Something sinister about memes