Time travel vacations

Jason Silva, the host of brain games and futurist philosopher, has a great quote about his definition of awe. He describes it as ” something of such perceptual vastness, you literally have to reconfigure your mental models of the world to assimilate it”. This may be obvious, for example, when you bestow your eyes on one of the largest cruise ships of the world, that you have never been able to fathom such a marvel could exist let alone transport you about in the ocean. However it may be less obvious in the everyday routine you consistently experience.

Another great line by Henry Miller; ” a blade of grass, if given enough attention, becomes mysterious and awesome”. The point being that beauty exists in things as we perceive it in them. The point to all of this is that with enough inquiry, curiosity, recollection, and imagination, you can create mindscapes that give new meaning to your destinations. If you are going about your day with an elevated perspective, everything you experience will be a positive experience. However, with this particular frame of mind you have access to all new experiences when traveling. Perhaps to sit in the parlor of an aristocrat and feel, if only for a moment, what they felt when pondering a business move over tea. Maybe in the desert or plains feeling the same wind on your face that Native Americans once felt, teaching their children how to break a wild mustang.

The expanse of your mind will expand your experience. Even for just more of a broad and fulfilling educational trip. It’s as if with an open enough mind, articulate thoughts, and a clear enough recollection of history, you basically have access to Dumbledore’s penseive. Imagery is a powerful tool to use when trying to find perspective, but to use it for one’s own entertainment in travel? The possibility for intellectual time travel becomes feasible. To put yourself in nature and experience synchronicity is a beautiful thing, but don’t be quick to discount to the learning experience that comes with sitting at the hearth of one of Napoleon’s palace fireplaces. History can be a beautiful and emotional thing to behold if you allow it to be.

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