Microbial mind control

Let’s be honest, when you’re hangry it’s not a particularly delightful experience to run into you. The main culprits for your hunger induced irrational behavior are the massively diverse flora in your gut. What this means, in case you didn’t know, you actually have a rather large ecosystem of microorganisms inside of you thriving on what you consume. This ecosystem is known as a microbiota or microbiome. In recent years, great strides have been made in microbiology and we’re learning more and more about breakthroughs in human developement. Since 2008 the United States National Institutes of Health have been studying the diverse gut flora thriving within us, including the effects on our thought process.

Apparently, we’re about 3% bacteria. So for every 200 lbs that’s 6 lbs of bacteria, imagine what 6 lbs of bacteria looks like . . . that’s approximately what’s inside you right now. It’s not as bad as it sounds though, a lot of this bacteria can be manipulated. Of course both good and bad microbes exist within you and both of them cause you to behave differently. What exactly can you do about cultivating good microbes in your gut flora? It’s going to sound cliché, but it needs to be drilled into everyone’s head, here it goes; more sleep, less sugar and processed foods, less stress, and more veggies. Forget about weight loss, everyone comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors and they’re beautiful, right? Right. Good. Great. We’ve established that, but how about your mind? Consider the fact that the quality of your normal everyday thoughts are determined in part by this huge ecosystem of microorganisms inside of you. Wouldn’t you rather them be doing good things and taking care of your body rather than destroying it?

As annoying and repetitive as it is, just do the world a favor and start taking better care of yourself. Hanger is simply a result of upset garbage bacteria in your guts crying for sugar. Shut those little bastards up and have some veggies. Again, forget about weight loss for a minute, and focus on clarity. Mental health is something people are talking about and it’s about time they are. If you have psychological issues, try ruling out a poorly cared for microbiota. Don’t be such a romanticist about sleepless nights and start chilling a little more. Basically, calm down, eat some veggies, take a nap, and smile more. Don’t have the time? Do this stuff and watch how much more productive you become. Take these billion dollar tech companies for example, sure they work hard, but they have wildly innovative new takes on how employees should be treated to optimize them and increase productivity. Nap times, days off, healthy cafeterias, all kinds of stuff. Do yourself a favor and make sure you’re thinking for yourself and not letting some puny little microorganism think for you.

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