Articulation: the power of imagery

Mastering the structure of our languages is something that you’d think people would be heavily interested in pursuing. The supreme influence that comes with wielding an arsenal of vocabulary implements. Thought and imagination can be beamed from one persons mind to another like spells from the fingertips of wizards and yet, some sit still in complacency while the potential for ability to construct images of inspiration and grandeur in everyone’s mind let alone their own dance around before them.

A lot of us are extremely fortunate to have access to books, information, how to videos, education, or anything else anyone would need to set themselves up to brilliantly and beautifully articulate. In a world where children who do not have such resources to improve their lives, who also go to sleep hungary at night, people who do have access to such luxuries have an obligation to improve their word smithing and intellectual ability. Articulate thinkers have a knack for innovation in their ability to construct better outcomes for their own lives. With more of a broad stroke of intellectuals, the potential for a positive global outcome increases that much more.

The seemingly drudgerous complexities of personal development can be overwhelming, but that’s where we need to begin. Teaching self-awareness so that people can pick up on what aspects of their communicative ability can be approved upon should be a priority if you have influence and a reasonable level of articulation. If the desired outcome is improvement of intellect or articulation, then as I have said before the information is widely available. Jim Rohn said “you are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with” and we live in an age where if the influence you’re looking for is not within reach, then you can certainly find it in literature, internet videos, podcasts, or any other means of widely available media, it’s not hard to find. The key to the doors of influence is communication, make improvements on interactions with people a priority. Even if articulation of language for the sake of communication is not something you see the benefit in, consider articulation of your own thoughts and desires. No one knows what will make you happy and fulfilled more than you do. The normal thoughts people have regarding what drives them and makes them fulfilled are typically consisted of monetary value or some other shallow idea. Think for yourself, articulate those thoughts, and express them to yourself and others. Gain knowledge and spread it as well.

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