A closed mind is a caged existence

Having been born with no food allergies that I know of, I consider myself to be exceptionally lucky. I am without limits to which known consumables I can eat. However, access to endless combinations of literally thousands of food items organized by isle comes with its disadvantages. To be privileged enough to have access to so much food that we have developed a preference even to the point of discarding food that we dislike warrants a call out. Understand that when you have the option to discard food because you dislike it, you are within the top percentile of humans who have had the opportunity to enjoy such a luxury. Besides the guilt trip, you should also know that you are cheating yourself out of an experience by disliking certain foods that you are gifted with the capacity to be able to consume freely.

Preference is not exactly a bad thing, obviously you would prefer to eat an apple than a pine cone. However, this is not an issue if you don’t have to make this decision because you know that the pine cone is inedible. Though if you had never seen a pine cone and you were starving, who’s to say you wouldn’t eat both without thinking anything of it? What I mean by this is that when you prefer something, make sure for yourself that it’s preference based on knowledge and not complacency. Checking to see if preference based on complacency is applicable in nearly all aspects of life that choice can be applied. Choice is a luxury, you should acknowledge it and take advantage of it.

Routine and consistency both are parts to the formula for mastery, but choosing the opposite of a complacency based preference can open doors for you. Complacency preference has a code name, comfort. Comfort is that zone that people tell you to step out of when you want to experience greatness. When you succumb to comfort your entire life you are ultimately doing a disservice to your own existence by limiting your experience. Stop relying on comfortable normal thoughts to get you through life and start stepping out of your comfort zone and out of the box. Live life with self-awareness and intent, don’t just be another tragic case of someone who prefered a complacent comfortable cage.

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