Fun begets fun

Back when we looked at life through a bleak lens, it was easy for us to tell anyone with joy in their eyes that they’re not looking at the bigger picture. Easy targets were all over the place, from a butterfly to a joyful song, nothing knew reality like we did. It’s so much easier to curse the universe in all of its mystery than it is to try to interpret it for yourself. A friend of mine always liked the quote ” looking up all the time makes you lose perspective”, but now I can see that when you seek darkness you lose sight.

That was my problem, allowing the words of others to embrace my mind with little evaluation of my own. I was always joyful. I find purpose in love, joy, laughter, and positivity even in these grey days. It’s one thing to dread life and another to smile at the face of it despite the dread. As dark as the days may come, what separates the suffering from the enlightened are not the love of their chains but the acceptance of them.

A perspective so bleak is ultimately rooted in selfishness. If what is perceived in one’s lens a negative life, then one is damned to the negative life they themselves declared of it. The observation is, what you cannot control is not how you should determine the state of your being. If the ambition is to experience and spread the most of what we perceive to be the highest of optimal states for us, then we must first know what that optimal state is. With a bleak perspective as such all one can do is spread unhappiness and misery, condemning progress in the false name of their assumed logic.

It was middle school that I’d heard words so wise they followed me into adulthood and through my awakening of perceived hopelessness. A friend that, even then I knew, wasn’t going to be around for long. My friend was their simply to tell me that “fun people are the ones having the most fun”. A simple observation from a child spoken without the shroud of complexities and nuances we choose to tack on everything worth speaking about. This logic is what prompted me later in life to build a lifestyle and cultivate passions based on my values. Not only do fun people have more fun but positive people are more positive, thinkers think, runners run, and it goes the other way too, haters hate.

As silly and simple as it sounds, accepting of what you’ve been given and creating the mind frame you desire with what you have is the best it’s going to get. The path to enlightenment lies within and if you project your unfortunate truth that is all you’ll experience. Fun people have fun because they have a picture of joy in their minds that they prioritize and they will paint that picture everywhere they can.


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