Break the bottle habit

Have you ever considered what side of history you want to be on? When people read books about our current era, they’re going to read about mass ignorance on our part. One of the biggest issues our descendants are going to have with this era is how little we care about minimizing waste. If you’ve ever been outside before you may have noticed garbage pretty much everywhere scattered about. Unfortunately one of the most common pieces of litter is the infamous, plastic water bottle.

Now I know you’re thinking about how you recycle and you don’t contribute to the problem, but there’s another side to this. You can save a decent amount of money. I used to drink a case of 24 water bottles per week by myself. That’s $4.00 a week, $16.00 a month $192.00 a year. Basically if you help out the planet you can get a two night stay at a hotel of your choosing with those savings. So what’s better, recycling? Or just not contributing?

The reason it’s so hard to break the bottle habit is because we’ve been systematically conditioned to prefer single use items for corporate profit. It’s not your fault this is hard to get used to, the system is made to be difficult for you to break free from. Just put a little thought into your consumption and watch your wallet do better.

So what’s the solution to this water bottle issue? Glass bottles that you can refill. Afraid they’ll break? Prefer to just grab and go? No biggie, you can buy multiple refillable bottles that come with guards and fill them up for the week. It’s that much easier to add flavor too, just toss in a mint leaf or a cucumber slice. Try it out for a week, worst case scenario you went a week without contributing waste. When people read about the transition we underwent from ignorance to awareness, you’ll go down historically as one of the heroic few that went against the grain and broke the chains of consumption. Think about how “normal” it really is next time you open a plastic bottle.

2 thoughts on “Break the bottle habit

  1. I stopped using plastic water bottles a year ago, and it’s been great! I highly recommend spending the little bit extra money to get a few nicer water bottles, hand wash them, and replace them every 6-8 months as germs and bacteria eventually grow.


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