Something sinister about memes

Everyone loves a dank meme here and there, they’re essentially the internet’s short form illustrative contribution to literature. We’ve all passive aggressively responded to public opinion with our thoughts simplified to that of a clever meme. The trouble with memes is that they are often regurgitated, unoriginal content. Passing around a recycled meme of doge for nostalgia’s sake is one thing, but what if it’s an idea that’s passed around.

The magic behind the meme is that it’s elegantly quick to process. One liners that you comically write over frames of notable people, usually wearing an expression conveying your point. Memes appear as if they are “zingers” meant to shut down what appears to be a discussion about something. These zingers circulate like the flu and once one catches on you can’t seem to get rid of it on any social media feed until the next one comes along. With entire arguments simplified to one liners then circulated like this, you wind up with a bunch of people spouting their analysis of whats going on based on the limited information they receive from overused memes. The result is opposing demographics that are highly misinformed.

Deep intellectual conversation is dwindling not because of how connected we are, but because of how much we over simplify our internet conversations. Simplicity is a beautiful thing but certain topics warrant a little depth of thought sometimes. Without sourcing or even thinking a bit critically about what you read online your effectively allowing what you actually know to be replaced by clever one liners. Do yourself a favor and check some sources, read some books, and don’t get your news from a meme.

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