Gift card greedy

Tired of receiving crap that you don’t need from loved ones who refuse to accept your minimalist lifestyle? You’re not alone! Sure, once in a while a new pair of slacks or perhaps a Fit bit may do you some good, but between your birthday and every single holiday that warrants a gift from people, it gets to be a little much. Half the time it’s thoughtless clutter anyhow. Maybe grandma gave you a mug, or sun-dial, or something that’s been in the family since the war? Not a problem, keep the mementos. The real solution is the response to people who won’t take “no” for an answer when they ask what you want.

Personally, I tend to value experiences more than the standard material goods. I see the value in a night out with friends, family, my partner, or even myself. The next time aunt Sue backs you into a corner with a couple of fingers full of cheek asking what you want, of course the knee jerk response is a panicked “Shoes!” right? Anything to get these zombies off your back. From now on do yourself a favor and tell them you want gift cards, and not just any gift cards. You want gift cards to restaurants, movies, golf, rock climbing, ice skating, jet skiing, or whatever floats your boat. Don’t just do this once in a while either, make it widely known that you’re the weirdo of the family who just loves restaurant gift cards. Pretty soon you’ll have a massive surplus of cards not just from occasions people got them for you, but every card for a place that a family member receives that they dislike or are unfamiliar with. They’ll have you on their mind as that weirdo! “Wow I really hate seafood. What poor sucker should I give this too? Oh I know someone who’s strangely obsessed with gift cards!” The next thing you know you’ll be digging up your Pokemon card binder to fill it with gift cards.

This strategy benefits you on so many levels. First it’s the gift that can be shared with the giver, for example when aunt Sue presents you with that Applebee’s card, you can now take her out to lunch. Second if you’re going out on a date or with some friends and no one has a clue where to go, simply narrow your choices to the available cards. Then the obvious, no more crap! All of your cards will be used and you can reload them when they’re done and re gift the card. Whether you’re a minimalist or smart saver, if you like experiences more than things, ask for a restaurant gift card for your birthday and receive something you’ll actually use.

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