Comforting uncertainty

Living in an age with unlimited information literally at your fingertips, it’s difficult to listen to someone give you a half-hearted response to any sort of thought-provoking questions you may have. Whether you’re making an inquiry into politics, culture, religion, stereo typing, or any topic that would instigate an argument of some kind, it’s likely that both parties can find something online to back up their argument. Don’t agree with the political hype? Ever expanding resources backing your claims about whatever it is you disagree with online. It’s almost too easy to back someone into a corner with the proper search terms.

Having access to this realm of ever-expanding information, along with the state of the global society, we have collectively become apathetic almost to the point of nihilism. The seemingly pointlessness of everything and confusing place in time, along with access to information for logical counter arguments to everyone who has what they deem to be a satisfactory response to the meta physical dread we endure. Order and peace can be restored to the minds of those who seek distraction, even if only temporary. Although I am far from any psychological professional in regards to knowledge, data, and analysis of the human condition, I personally find comfort in embracing uncertainty.

Uncertainty, when perceived in the right context, will set you free. Consider that you may not be reading this right now, or even in the comfort of your familiar concept of what is. Maybe you are sitting in the middle of the woods, starving and delusional, and this is all just a comforting mental projection to keep you from entering a state of shock. Uncertainty of anything, history, politics, anything that society deems truth, and even your current perception of the experience at hand, may very well be a simulation or something you cannot mentally grasp. Finding the comfort in this uncertainty is what will unlock the chains of despair. Without certainty, there is less to be upset about because whatever it is causing the anguish may not even exist. Understanding uncertainty will keep you humbled, grounded, stoic, and open-minded, and with the right mindset to pair it with, positivity and acceptance, you may even undergo an enlightened state. Uncertainty is not the enemy or the disease we are trying to cure but rather the ghost we must learn to live with.

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