Don’t hate because I percolate

Fantastic, now that the introduction is out of the way I can share some of these normal thoughts burning through my mind. Down to business, please, envision yourself sitting on a balcony, ocean side on a luxury cruise ship. Perhaps you’re eating some grapes and listening to 90’s R&B hits as the warm Caribbean breeze moves through your hair. Lots of connection issues in the middle of the sea prompts you to disconnect for a couple of days, which turns out to be therapeutic in its own way. How nice such a trip would be for you, but how can you possibly afford such a thing?

Let me show you some figures that I recently brought to my sister’s attention. Coffee for me is a daily necessity as I’m certainly addicted to caffeine. Drip coffee and single use coffee tends to tastes like mildew. I do enjoy the occasional coffee shop specialty or even a franchise latte. It’s chilling to think about going without the morning elixir. Let’s say that you spend $2.00 per weekday on coffee. That becomes $40.00 per month, and $480.00 per year. You just missed out on a cruise. Not into cruises? You missed out on 4 music festivals, maybe a new computer, or even several weekends away.

The best medicine in this case is prevention, don’t worry, I wouldn’t dare ask you to stop drinking coffee. I thought about what to do about this for a while and I wound up buying a percolator, it’s a metal urn that has 5 easy to wash components. Save gas money on the trip to the coffee shop or wherever you get your fix and save money on filters. Simply load the urn with coffee grounds and water the night before, then turn on the stove in the morning. Cheap coffee never tasted so good.

So this was just one normal thought I had about optimization of something we may deal with every day. If you can tone down your daily coffee expense, you’ll be experiencing more. Some more thoughts, shallow and deep, to come to this website. Thanks for reading and hopefully this was helpful in some way.

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