Normal Introduction

Hello and welcome, my name is Kyle and i’ll be your guide on this quest for perspective. I’m a highly inexperienced writer with very little formal education. I’ve also lived in one county my entire life and I have an extremely limited skill set. It makes perfect sense, in hindsight, that I would be the one to bring forth the relevance of critical thought to the world. What is a normal thought after all? Maybe you thought about what you would wear today, or eat for breakfast, or even whether or not you would awake from your precious underrated slumber. Maybe you’re a weirdo and instead of having all these regular thoughts that normal people have everyday, you wonder if your stuck in a simulation or trapped in someone else’s body, and you don’t even know it because you’re trapped in their brain as well. If you find that you think like a weirdo then you’ve come to the right place, this is your sanctuary. You’re free to read, discuss, think, or do whatever weird stuff you do. For everyone else, people thinking about whether or not you feel like going to Fridays or the content of your Instagram story, stick around and you might learn a thing or two. Now I’ve spent the better part of an evening trying to figure out what to put in my blog’s intro and I think one three hundred word paragraph about what hypothetical weird people think is just fine. Please if you want to make fun of me, ask a question, leave a comment, or even subscribe to this blog by all means do so. I’m not yet sure where I’m going with the format here but give me some time and I’ll get you some grade A content for normal thinkers.

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